Indoor Wallcovering


Textures combined properly give spectacular looks. This is the reason why, in recent years it is given a great importance not only to the choice of fabrics of each room, but also to the creation of feelings through painting, decorative papers, murals, coverings, vinyl or wall panels.

The decoration can still continue to amaze and inspire through the use of these interesting aspects. Vertical wide stripes, flowers, large format, arabesques or vintage prints are some of the trendiest textures to wrap us visually. An appropriate professional advice when choosing from different textures and where to fit them, plus the techniques to apply them, are the key for their proper use. Starting from this point, the imagination begins to fly.

Thematic atmospheres, cold or warm shades, all kinds of patterned and decorative motifs, tricolored rooms or stunning tactile sensations are some of the possibilities, keeping in mind of course to work always with the highest qualities.