Indoor Lighting

The lighting has a large influence on the mood. This is the reason, we can get a comprehensive analysis to generate the kind of emotion that we are looking for, vital to enhance or mitigate other decisions related to the whole decoration. Make the rooms relaxed or, on the contrary, full of energy, will depend largely on the good choices made in terms of light. Needless to say, the ceiling or floor lamps, light bulbs or LEDs, among others, are also decorative products themselves with their own role.

When considering a light improvement, is reasonable to keep in mind and give a great importance to the natural light, giving the best and completing with the direct or indirect artificial lighting. Especially, considering the significant energy savings, that can be obtained. From there, Añil Home Trends plans in detail the number of light sources, their type, their relationship with other objects and the room, intensity and color variations throughout the day, etc., to get finally a balanced luminous atmosphere.