Indoor Accesories

The decorative scheme of a house must be completed with the correct choice of accessories. In this section, the range of items to choose is infinite. Vases, tables, centerpieces, flowers, crystals, candles, kitchen utensils, statues, clocks, vases, baskets, magazine ... even champagne coolers can be found in many shapes and styles.

One can already have some personal items that want to integrate into the set and at the same time, be open to other aesthetic vision. Añil Home Trends takes seriously, expressing the smallest details, giving a special touch to the house, like individuality and life.

As in the other decorative sections, all kind of accessories can fit from the most voluptuous made of alabaster inlaid with Swarovski, ebony, sycamore or silver and gold leaf to the most stylish and modern decorative leather, glass, resin and multi-colored lacquers and metallic ornaments.